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Providing cost-effective alternatives to settle arguments

Alternative dispute resolution methods, including divorce mediation and collaborative divorces, provide couples with a forum where they can come to partial or full agreement on a variety of issues involved in their divorce. Both of these processes allow you to avoid the expense and publicity of a trial. This can be important if children are involved. The legal team at McIntyre Law Office, PC helps numerous spouses successfully settle their divorces and can do the same for you.

Alternative dispute resolution

If you and your spouse are on somewhat amicable terms and you would like to save time and money settling your divorce, mediation and collaborative divorce are two effective options. I can assist you with:

  • Early-stage mediation. A neutral third party serves as a mediator and facilitates a settlement between you and your spouse. Mediation gives you more control over the outcome of your case. It is my experience that when agreements are mediated, the results are more practical and less likely to end up back in court in the future.
  • Late-stage mediation. Many judges require divorcing parties to attempt mediation to try to resolve any contested issues prior to appearing in court.    This type of mediation often occurs at the courthouse. I present the mediator with the facts surrounding your case and our desired outcome. The mediator attempts to settle the disputes to avoid litigation.
  • Collaborative law. In collaborative law, the parties hire one joint expert and agree to abide by that professional’s decision. It is an effective means for avoiding litigation. The collaborative process saves time and money and promotes cooperation between the parties. If a less adversarial process appeals to you, I can guide you through the process and still protect your rights.

Many Kalamazoo divorce attorneys focus only on litigation. It is always my goal to find the most cost-effective and least disruptive means for resolving the issues in your divorce. Whether the disputes involve child custody, child support, asset division or alimony, alternative dispute resolution is often the best way to find workable solutions. My professional background includes training as a mediator and in collaborative law. When I am not representing one of the parties, I also serve as a professional mediator, so I have intimate knowledge of the process and outcomes.

Post-judgment modifications

If circumstances change and your divorce decree is no longer appropriate, a post-judgment modification may be necessary. Examples of significant changes in circumstances that may warrant a modification include a parent relocating to a new state, losing employment or abusing alcohol. Whatever the issue, mediation can provide a means for resolving the issue without going to court.

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