Kalamazoo Parenting Coordinator Provides Guidance After Your Divorce

Helping to protect your children during a difficult transition

A parent coordinator works with the parties either pre-judgment or post-judgment to resolve issues involving children during a divorce. Whether the dispute involves child custody, child support or visitation matters, I can help. Parent coordination is cost-effective because there is only one attorney to pay, and I serve as a neutral party that focuses solely on the best interests of each child involved in the divorce. McIntyre Law Office, PC is proud to offer parent coordination as one of many family law services.

What is a parent coordinator?

A parent coordinator is a neutral third party that assists divorced couples with co-parenting issues after a divorce. Just because the court entered an order outlining how the parties should coexist with each other and their children doesn’t mean it is easy. A parenting coordinator facilitates the daily and major decisions involved in co-parenting. It is important that the parent coordinator is focused solely on the benefit and best interests of the children, not the parents. The primary goal of parent coordination is to minimize conflicts and, more important, to keep the children out of adult disputes.

How does a parent coordinator work?

The parent coordinator is typically appointed by court order or by agreement of the parties. Every situation is unique, so the coordinator may be heavily involved with the parents or only involved in certain circumstances. Examples of matters a parent coordinator handles are:

  • Detailed parenting plans
  • Change of schools
  • Change of domicile
  • Transportation issues
  • Costs of extracurricular activities
  • Discipline issues
  • Transitions between homes
  • Communication facilitation
  • Compliance with court orders

Many child custody attorneys believe that parent coordination is highly effective in reducing fighting between parents and protecting children from the stress of divorce. I am proud to serve as a coordinator and provide a cost-effective means for parents to move forward in life after divorce. As an attorney whose practice includes collaborative divorce and as a divorce mediator I have the skills set to work with couples creating co-parenting agreements.

Who needs a parent coordinator?

If you and your spouse are constantly fighting and your communication with each other is focused on “settling the score,” you need a parent coordinator. If it is clear you are not able to get along, but you must be in each other’s lives for the sake of your children, a parent coordinator can help you disengage from each other while protecting the children. Boundaries and rules for communicating with each other can be established. The goal is to protect your children from being involved in the stress, angst and hostility that is often involved in a divorce.

Obtain the help and guidance of a parent coordinator in Kalamazoo, MI

If you want to protect your children after your divorce by using a parent coordinator, contact the McIntyre Law Office, PC. Call 269-459-1400 or contact the firm online. The office is conveniently located near the courthouse and public transportation.

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